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A year to remember

November 16, 2009

© Lou Johnson

I don’t really have much to say that hasn’t already been said about today’s announcements. It wasn’t a total surprise to many, and personally I hope the rumours regarding Mercedes wanting an all German driver line up are wrong. Whatever happens over the next few days with driver announcements it has been, what can only be described as a historic season and one I’m sure many will never forget.

Brawn GP

Pole Positions 6
Wins 8
Podiums 15
Races 17
Points 172
DNFs 2
Championships 2

What a team!

I supported the Brackley bunch through their years as Honda, and now their year as Brawn, and hopefully next year, however strange it may be to get used to, I’ll support Jenson and Mercedes GP as they defend the Championship together. Whatever happens I suppose I’ll still have the 2009 season, the season my dream team got it’s moment of glory.

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  1. November 17, 2009 15:38

    It has been a pretty amazing year 🙂 I think even despite the news yesterday, to me at least I was quite unfond of, we as Brawn fans can look back at the last year in much joy and happiness at everything that unfolded. It started in despair and worry, and ended in success and joy.

    Your opening photo is really beautiful here by the way, very poignant. 🙂

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