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A Taste of Independence

August 14, 2010

Last month was a bit of a step forward in my life. I officially finished school, marking the close of 15 years of my life and as cheesy as it sounds the opening of one huge, new and daunting chapter. Okay it’s a bit exciting too. Next week I get my A level results and with them a clue about which direction my life will take. Uni.. or gap year? Obviously I’m keeping my fingers crossed for my university place but we’ll see. Uni seems like such a huge leap from where I am now, thank goodness most people go through the same thing!

While last month marked the end of my school life it wasn’t all bad. I got to go on two holidays! (yes I count Goodwood as a holiday). Aside from Chichester and the festival I also found myself going on a mini adventure down to Devon with two of my oldest friends. Just the three of us, no parents (unless you count their aunt whose house we stayed at), looking out for ourselves. To be honest we all just needed a break, to get away from Kent and everything, just to relax and be somewhere else. I’m making such a big deal out of this because it was almost a taste for future life, no parents, teachers etc.. we could just be ourselves, being independent… and you know what? We survived, and even had a great time. We could do what we wanted, cook what we liked and just have a laugh. No Alevels no.. nothing. Just us and their Aunt’s dog Jed. The perfect break.

It wasn’t the typical ‘let’s fly somewhere, go get drunk every single day and maybe get a tan’ teen holiday.. cause well.. we just wouldn’t enjoy that, although a tan would have been nice. It was quiet, we went for long walks, explored some of the local villages and towns and just relaxed. We’re not really the partying type.

I’m not going to share with you a day by day account of our holiday because a lot of our time was spent reading or just wondering around enjoying the view. Instead I’ll share a few photos and a few highlights of the trip.

Totnes Tudor Market

© Lou Johnson

Yep that’s right Totnes has a market where everyone dresses up in Tudor costumes. At first it was pretty surreal seeing people buying anything from jewellery to meat from Tudors but we got used to it, children from the local school even gave a demonstration of a traditional Tudor dance. Not what you expect to see every day!


© Lou Johnson

Home of the famous Agatha Christie we took a taxi boat across the river Dart to explore her grand abode and the interesting art installations within the grounds.

© Lou Johnson

As a great lover of tea the idea of mugs hanging from a tree which gently ‘clinked’ together in the breeze is an appealing one, I wonder if mum would notice if used some of her mugs…

© Lou Johnson

.. what does this remind you of? It reminded us of Alice and Wonderland, what a beautiful old,  rather large clock!

Plymouth Aquarium

© Lou Johnson

I love aquariums, it’s something about the bright colours, and the calm I associate with water just makes them such an amazing place. They can be a great place to take photos too!

© Lou Johnson

Aren’t Jellyfish awesome?!

© Lou Johnson

Living by the beach

© Lou Johnson

We were staying in the little seaside town of Bigbury on Sea, and wow it’s beautiful. The flat had the most amazing window in the lounge overlooking the sea. I could have watched the wind surfers, fledgling seagulls and incoming rain storms (yep it rained …alot) all day.

Of course living that close to lovely sandy beaches meant we just had to go for a walk.. and a bit of a paddle.

© Lou Johnson

Even the dog liked it.

© Lou Johnson

© Lou Johnson

Burgh Island

© Lou Johnson

Burgh Island (another Agatha Christie connection – not planned I promise..) is only accessible when the tide is out and you can cross the causeway, but if you even find yourself in the Bigbury on Sea area you really must climb the Island. We wondered down from the flat on our last day and headed across the causeway and up the Island. It didn’t take long, and the views were magnificent.

© Lou Johnson

© Lou Johnson

© Lou Johnson

The Sea has got to be one of my favourite places to visit, where ever I am.


© Lou Johnson

We decided to break up our long 6 hour journey back with a stop off for lunch at the mysterious Stonehenge in Wiltshire. While it’s a great place to walk around and from an artistic point of view there is plenty to inspire you, but other than that it was a tad disappointing. My first reaction was ‘oh.. It’s smaller than I thought’, in reflection I’m not sure what I was actually expecting. I’m not sad I went at all, it’s one of those places I think you should try and visit but I’m not sure I’d make an effort to go there again.

© Lou Johnson

There you are, a little glimpse at our holiday. If you want to check out more of my holiday snaps they can be found on my flickr.

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  1. August 14, 2010 18:22

    Beautiful photos!

    Everyone thinks Stonehenge is smaller than they were expecting! I did!

    Glad you enjoyed my home county of Devon, is is a lovely county and I am sad to be leaving it in a few weeks 😦

    • August 14, 2010 18:42

      Thanks Neil! Each time I go to Devon I end up loving it a bit more! Everyone is so nice down there! 🙂

  2. August 14, 2010 18:38

    Ooooh wow, there are some really lovely photos there. The horizon one with the plant in the foreground is just sutting and I heart the reflection on that old Alice-esque clock.

    It’s such a gorgeous part of the country down in Cornwall and Devon though, I just love how traditional it all feels. Really thin lanes and hilly, cobbly roads, harbours and yachts, yummy ice cream and pastry, it’s such a nice area. I’m pleased you enjoyed your time away so much and the independence of it all too, having a bit of freedom is so refreshing.

    Plus it shows how well you can cope away from parents and stuff. Always a good sign that you can depend on yourself 🙂

  3. Steven Roy permalink
    September 22, 2010 17:37

    Somehow I missed this post when it was originally posted. There are some great some great pics in there. The first aquarium one looks like something from a James Bond film. The colours are incredible. The black and white horizon shot looks like something from a posh carribean holiday resort advert.

    I love the expression on the dog’s face while he is standing in the water. I am sure he enjoyed it but he looks like he is asking how long is it going to take to get this shot.

    I don’t know what it is but there is something about that first Stonehenge shot that makes it look modern. Weird. There is also something about the light that makes me think of world war 2 airfields. Strange the effect a photo can have.

    You three seemed to enjoy yourself. Who knew you could cope without parents?

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