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A Toy Story

November 11, 2010

You may well have seen photographs on my twitter of a little lego figure I call Pierre. I figured that I should really explain why exactly I keep posting photos of a little lego man all the time, and why you’ll see many more in the future.

You see, Pierre has become somewhat of a photography mascot to me, as we battled through the rather challenging Studio project in which we had to create our own ‘constructed reality’. While the actual shoot and collecting of ideas was great fun the final images had to be on film and well, developing in the colour darkroom can be a bit of a task –  specially when you’ve only got half negatives because the camera decides to have issues!

However I got through any problems okay in the end, though I still prefer my digital shots. The quality of the digital photographs is much nicer due to the issues I had with the negatives and therefore they seem stronger as a set. I’ve uploaded my digital shots to my flickr album, but just in case you’ve missed them here they are.

Series title –  Mission Impossible?

The idea behind the set is really straight forward, what happened if toys came alive at night? Would they try and escape? I’ve also included an element of doubt in the series by showing the lego in the final image, forcing the viewer to ask whether the lego really escaped? or perhaps asking them whether it was in fact the girls dream.

We had to dry mount and present our images and thoughts behind them in a review where they were criticized and marked. While the quality of my analogue prints made my presentation weak the support of my digital shots helped to put the story across so I’m hoping that I’ll have achieved the grades needed to pass the unit.

As it was our first graded project we all found it pretty stressful, and the review was nerve wrecking! There really is no space for politeness when critiquing an image at university, as a group we were astounded at the bluntness of our reviewers and how hard it was to describe our ideas to them. This’ll be something we all get used to and become more experienced with as time passes and we get more practice I’m sure. As with most things familiarity with the situation makes it easier to relax and we’ll have plenty of reviews in the future.

This was the studio half of an assessed unit called ‘Constructed Realities’, for the next part of the semester we’ll be doing a digital project based upon montage. I’m looking forward to the challenges that brings!

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  1. Steven Roy permalink
    November 11, 2010 19:18

    It’s interesting to see the full series to understand the story. I have seen some of the Lego shots before.

    I am glad Pierre is going to be a constant companion on your photographic exploits.

  2. November 15, 2010 09:39

    Hehe go Pierre! I like the idea of using a toy in a larger world like this – gives another perspective on reality 🙂

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