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A Brand New Project

June 24, 2011

I’m a Formula 1 fan and I adore photography, you probably already know this, but something you might not know is I’m a bit of a collector. Postcards, old photos, tickets, you name it I’ve probably collected it at one point. It started from my dislike of throwing things away (programmes to theatre shows etc) but then it developed. I now have a wall of my room covered in tickets I’ve been to which have been important to me, Grand Prix tickets, Goodwood tickets, Coldplay etc etc. Something I’ve horded for 3 years now is F1 racing magazine. Each month I buy, read, admire and then file away the magazine. Recently, however, while tidying up and making room for a lot of the belongings I’ve accumulated this year at university I found that I need the space. I also realised that I never once look back in the articles held within them. Once I’ve read it, and by the time the next edition is out I rarely flick back through the previous magazines to re-look at interviews. If I want to know a piece of information, I do as many people now do, and look it up on the internet. So why keep 3 years worth of magazines?

© Lou

The answer is simple, and the same as the initial appeal of F1 for me. It’s visually fascinating.

I should explain, my first ever memory of Formula 1 comes from when I was a small child, Gerhard Berger and Mika Häkkinen were still racing and F1 was just something my Dad would sometimes watch on a weekend. I’ve a few memories of those days, but they all have one thing in common, they are very visual. Cars emerging through the stunning heat haze is something I can clearly picture. The same for the cars winding their way around the famous Mirabeau, and out of the tunnel in Monaco. It seems I’ve always been attracted to the fact that F1 lends itself to photography, even when I didn’t particularly like it. Perhaps I’ve always been destined to be some sort of photographer? That’s a debate for another day.

Back to the original point, why bother keeping magazines that I don’t need? Well, it’s for their photographic content. Every edition of F1 racing is rich with amazing photos from some of the best photographers out there on track. They’re an inspiration to an aspiring photographer like myself. I write notes beside the images on post it notes sometimes and then promptly file the magazine away again. This seems like such a waste! So I bought myself a lovely moleskine sketchbook.

© Lou

With all this new found time, now university is finished for the summer I’ve decided to go back through those 3 years worth of magazines extracting the images I draw most inspiration and motivation from and collating them into my own personal image bank including notes. It’ll be just like any other sketchbook, looking at which shots I think work and which I don’t and notes on the individual photographers too! Both those included in F1 racing and those not. So there we have it, I mentioned I’d try and keep you up to date with some summer projects, and hopefully this has given you all a taster for how I’m partially going to satisfy my creativity. Stay tuned for more information as I get on with my project!

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  1. Lukeh permalink
    June 24, 2011 23:46

    What a great idea. Really looking forward to seeing what images you discuss and extrapolate.

    Also nice to have that fascinating little insight into how someone with such creativity views formula 1 and the images it has produced over the years in such a way.

  2. July 6, 2011 18:57

    I am slow on the uptake Lou having only just noticed that you’ve been blogging again. I too have a collection of F1 racing mags and had been wondering about just chucking them out… your idea is so much better and will be lovely to look back on in the future.

  3. July 7, 2011 11:14

    When i was considering what i wanted to do with them, the two things that came to mind were a sketchbook and something like a photo album. A sketchbook is most beneficial to me but i would urge anyone to collect articles, photos etc that interest you from the years.. or summarise the years. it’s a personal way of recording something we love. 🙂

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