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June 24, 2011

Yet again I’ve neglected my poor places on the Internet. I’ve not updated my tumblr, flickr or blog for ages! However year 1 is all over now and I’ve finally got some time to give these areas some much-needed TLC! Yep, that’s right I’m home for the summer now, year 1 of my photography degree finished! After 9 months of hard work and a bit of a rest I’m ready to throw myself into more exciting self directed work for the summer. Can’t wait! Some will be motorsport orientated, others I’ll use as an exercise in improving technical ability. Keep and eye on my flickr and tumblr for updates, as it seems I can never can be trusted to update my blog as much as I should. I’ve spent a few days updating my flickr page and giving it a bit of a spring clean, it’s still a work in progress but I’ve now utilised the handy ‘collections’ function for added organisation, do tell me what you think!

So I mentioned that I’ve finished year 1 at the lovely University for the Creative Arts. What’s my overall impression of uni life? Well I love it! It’s brilliant! Studying just one subject, throwing all of your efforts into something that your passionate about is a real breath of fresh air after the hard slog of A Levels. Which of course I enjoyed to an extent but it’s never quite the same. Knowing that university, and my time there has been worth every percent of effort i’ve put in to my exams to date makes everything feel worth while. I’ve had a real taste of my future life this year and I love it! Add a bit more sports/ F1 photography and I’ll be a happy gal!

Speaking of sports photography when you’re over on my flickr please take the time to have a look at my sports collection as I have a few sets of Tennis images. I’ve never shot tennis before so these were my first attempts, any advice or comments are, as usual, much appreciated.

I’ll leave you with this little update for the time being. Hopefully I’ll be back soon!

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