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Hey Everyone!

My name is Lou and welcome to my little section of the web.

What is Photo Finish?

Well, it’s my personal blog, it’s here I’ll write about my thoughts and feelings on subjects, technology, my own experiences and issues that interest me or grab my attention. It could be anything from a piece of jewellery that has caught my eye, to a day out at the zoo or even something formula 1 related. Whatever my blog becomes I’ll try my best to update it as regularly as possible, but real life can sometimes get in the way of these things. While I may not be able to guarantee what topics my posts will be on, one thing I can promise is that each photograph I include will have been taken by me.

Who are you?


I’m Lou, as you already know, I’m an aspiring photographer, and I’m completely obsessed with Formula 1. I’m a year 2 photography BA(hons) student at the University for the Creative Arts.





Some random facts about myself for you then…

-While Formula 1 is my favourite sport I also enjoy taking part in and regularly watching tennis and swimming.

– My favourite band is Coldplay, seeing them perform in Wembley stadium was one of the best moments of my life.

– I’d be lost without my friends, loved ones, cameras, sketchbook and mac.

– I got my first ever camera at the age of 2, it was red and had a large caterpillar on it.

– I love the idea of travelling the world, but get homesick easily.

– I have two phobias, one of spiders the other of being under the ground.


Where else can we find me?


I’m on twitter

I’m on flickr

I’m on tumblr

I can also often be found in the comments and the wonderful community over at Sidepodcast.

Anyway I hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy my blog!

Lou x

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